Gary Knowles Jr

I'm not sure how to say what it is that I need help with other than to just say it, so here goes. I recently was released from Georgia prison after 21 plus years but still have several health issues. The free clinic where I live has been wonderful to me taking care of my heart issues, cholestrol, and foot problems. The regional mental health people have also been great. My parole office has given me support in all things as well. But I can't seem to get anyone to help me with my eyes. I'm slowly going blind due to cataracts. Disability, the VA and local support groups have been unable or unwilling to assist me. All I need is cataract removal surgery.. Then I should be able to find a job and be more independent. I'm 57 yrs old and living with my elderly parents. Trying to help them as they are in their golden years. Both of them are on a fixed income with many of their own health problems but I do have a place to live and clothes to wear. I'm truly blessed. I volunteer at our church for several different things and would try to do more if I could see better. My eyesight is so poor that it is dangerous to walk after dark and soon I may have to quit walking during the day it is getting so bad. So far it sounds like poor pitiful me. I am trying but I'm just joining the 21st century and many things are much more difficult for me. I promised myself that if I ever got out of prison that I would ask for help when needed instead of going into these states of depression that lead to drug addiction and other self destructive behavior. Yes I've done it all, prison, drugs numerous other unacceptable behaviors, But now I'm trying desperately to avoid those things that lead to prison. My life is turned around. I go to Fayetteville First Baptist church and try to do all the things my parents need to continue living in their own home. I praise God in all things because I believe that all good things come from God. I don't know what God has in store for me But going blind seems like a cruel joke that I am not handling very well. So if any one out there can help me get eye surgery at no or low cost I would appreciate it. Bless you all.