Gary Hartl

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Gary Hartl 
Patient Care Unit - Mary Brigh 5G
Room 5-570
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Mary’s Campus 
1216 Second Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905

On Monday, February 11th Gary had a major heart attack at Parsons and was transported immediately from Antigo to Aspirus in Wausau. We thank God Nancy Hunter found him in time. They were going to do a double bypass but he wasn’t stable on the heart and lung machine. His heart stopped but thankfully he was in the operating room and they were able to save him. He was then hooked up to an ECMO machine that acts as his heart and lungs. He needed to be transported to Mayo in Rochester as soon as possible but had to wait until Wednesday morning due to snow storms. He has been stable at Mayo since then but will need an LVAD or left ventricular assist device. In order for the LVAD to work, the right side of his heart must regain some strength and function. If he gets approved for the LVAD it will mean a minimum of a month in the ICU with several surgeries and lots of monitoring and therapy. If the LVAD doesn’t work, he would need a transplant. His heart was initially doing no work on its own but the last few days have shown small improvements on the right side. Otherwise, he would need a device temporarily implanted to help the right side. He has been showing signs that he hears us by fluttering and opening his eyes, turning his head and sometimes attempting to talk. He has also responded to commands to squeeze/push with his hands and feet. My mom and I have been with him almost every day to love and support him. Thank you all so much for your prayers, kind words and donations. Every bit helps and we appreciate each and every one of you. If you want to leave him a voicemail I can play over & over for him, call (tel:715 610 0379 (tel:715 610 0379) He’d love to hear your voices. 

Thank you so much for your donations. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. 2/25 $9,000
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