Gary Davis Gary Davis-Brain Cancer

First post: Sep 4, 2021 Latest post: Mar 7, 2023
Gary passed away on February 28,2022, six months after he was diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioblastoma. He will always live in my heart.

Some of his journey is documented below.

On Tuesday Gary was taken to the ER because he had not been himself for a few days. Displaying signs of a possible stroke, forgetting things that he would not normally forget. When they did a CAT scan, at Boca West Hospital, they found that he had a sizeable mass, 6x6cm, in his brain. They then transported him to Delray Medical Center where they have a Neuro Surgical Department. It's a pretty decent size group, or team, according to Garys brother Joe, a physician in Chicago, who is helping us navigate and get through this. Right now Gary is scheduled for surgery on Monday. We believe he's in good care with his team of surgeons, and his doctor is very optimistic about the outcome. He's comfortable and not in any pain.  I'll do another entry soon to go over the details of our experience over the weekend. I know many of you will ask about that. But I wanted to get this up so I can start letting family members know. I'm sorry for not calling sooner, but I wanted to have more information for you when doing that. Unfortunately, this is all I know for now.  Due to Covid and the Delta variant they won't let any visitors in to be with patients. As you can imagine this is very stressful, and one of the reasons I can't get much more information. I'm not there when all the doctors come to see him. But I'll keep updating you as I learn more.  I'm so thankful we have all of you to support us and help us on this journey. We love you all.