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Journal entry by Fern Ganley — Nov 6, 2021

Dear Friends and Family, This is Fern. A couple weeks ago we received the bad news that Gail has liver cancer. This week she saw an oncologist who specializes in upper GI cancers, and a palliative care specialist who will focus on alleviating any symptoms such as pain.. We were told that the cancer was localized and had not spread to other organs.It was likely to have started in the bile duct, and was unlikely to has started in the pancreas, the lungs or the bones. He said they had had some good results from immuno therapy, so he was submitting her cells for analysis to see if she was a candidate for this treatment.  At the same time, he wants her to start chemotherapy to shrink the large tumor so it doesn't cause additional problems or symptoms by pressing on other organs. This coming week she will start a form of chemo. which is effective in most, but not all, patients.The doctor gave us some reasons to be hopeful. Now we wait to see how her cancer responds. I plan to update you weekly or so whenever we have news to report.Gail's son Dohnn is still with us and is our wonderful caregiver who does whatever we need. Feel free to respond to this site if you wish.  Love, Fern