Gaelen McCormick

First post: May 7, 2018 Latest post: Jul 27, 2018
I have set up this CaringBridge site at the request of my sangha to share my journey for all who are intersted. I may occasionally reach out for help in the coming weeks.

Today is May 4 - first day post-op. Everything went smoothly yesterday and I felt your love and caring all around me as I waited to go into surgery. The whole team was amazing at Sawgrass! I was parked in the pediatric ward, which suits my sense of humor just fine. My anesthesiologist was hilarious and asked if I wanted the “kids” or “adults” version of the prep. Of course, I chose the kids version. She was kind and patient - at this point even with my hearing aid in I am hearing almost nothing. Turns out we have a mutual friend from the RPO who passed away very recently.  My nurse did the IV line and for once it did not hurt! I got a small bit of crochet work done before they wheeled me into the room. I can only vaguely recall the room.. bc, you know.. anesthesia! 

My head is all wrapped up with a rather pirate-looking gauze. Straight round the forehead and a big wad over my ear. Someone gave me a topknot ponytail while I was out - thanks for that 80’s look! It’ll have to stay that way until next week when I get this whole setup removed along with my stitches. For now  I’m’ rocking this headwrap. The pain is less than I thought, so that’s good. Advil really took care of it last night, but today I can’t keep anything down. I’m sure that will pass too. I’ll just keep trying with bananas and crackers.  And yes lots to drink to stay hydrated. 

It’s the funniest thing - I keep hearing something in my left ear. Which is technically impossible. Little crackling sounds. Tinnitus came roaring in last night, which I also knew to expect but even that has died down quit a bit. 

For now, its me and the cat hanging out in bed all day. He’s pretty good company, esp since I’m napping on and off all day.