Gabe Orea Go Team Gabe!

First post: Jun 19, 2018 Latest post: Jun 21, 2018

Welcome to our Caring Bridge page. We’ll be posting updates on Gabe’s journey here. **To give towards Gabe’s treatments, visit the “Support” page you will find on this website.**

Hi friends and family of Gabe and the Orea family,

Many of you have watched God's work in Gabe's life through this season in his journey with cancer.

Gabe's cancer has been aggressive. Many times, doctors did not expect him to make it. But Jesus has led him and his family through each of these moments, each time with his family leaning closer in to depending on God's mercy.

We, friends of XICF and the Orea family, are beseeching the family of God in Christ to consider sharing the burden of costs that have been incurred as treatments  have become more costly.

Any contribution you can make will be a blessing. Thank you friends and family of the Orea's and XICF!


Nathan Fields
Peter Craig
Hunter Mueller
on behalf of friends of XICF & the Orea Family