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How I kicked out Type 2 Diabetes with the 800 Calorie Blood Sugar Diet and the 5 hacks that secured my success! A process backed by science from a leading Professor, Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, and the work of Dr Michael Mosley, BBC presenter and medical doctor.

On 5 June  2016 I became free from diabetes and am still free to this day.

Having suffered for many years from the condition, I walked out of my doctor’s surgery having been taken off the system and the free treatment we have as part of the National Health Service. No longer qualifying for free diabetic supplies to measure my blood and no more need for further medication which cost the country and the National Health Service £37 million in 2005/6, a figure that has grown to £81 million in 2013/14, to supply over half the population in the United Kingdom, and a tsunami of children as young as 9 who now have this disease.

Doctors will tell you that you are always prone to diabetes and that there is no cure, but then anyone is prone if they don’t look after their own health. Having a healthy lifestyle not only frees you from this devastating disease for life, but also prevents you from suffering from strokes, heart attacks, loss of limbs, blindness, impotence and much more.

The fact that I now have to pay to measure my own blood twice a week means effectively in my mind that I am now a non-diabetic, rather than an ex diabetic, that just like a rubber band could be pulled back to a lifestyle that would damage my health once again. 

So the National Health Service were basically kicking me out, I was no longer wanted and after my test results came back from the doctor I was no longer eligible for diabetic supplies.

The 800 Calorie Blood Sugar Diet book was the catalyst for my recovery, but I believe that the work I did using my experience and training all played an important part before and after using the book, and this was the key to my own personal success.

Some people can just use the book with willpower and determination and somehow get through it, but many give up and go back to the medication that is only a form of support for people in the short term, and will lead to dangerous complications in the future. The book lives up to its claim that you can get rid of diabetes in 8 weeks, I did it in 7! And you will no longer need diabetic medication or have the need to go onto insulin injections, which is the normal course of events once the tablets stop working for you.

There are important factors to beat diabetes and living a longer and healthier life and I am about to share some of them with you here. As you discover the groundbreaking findings of the leading diabetes experts in the UK, as I did, and follow the 800 calorie blood sugar diet you will become free of Type 2 Diabetes, but there are other issues such as the psychological and emotional factors that need addressing. 

Some people may feel deprived when changing their lifestyle in this way, and when being deprived of the foods they usually have and eating foods that they normally don’t eat. People need to change their mental and emotional attitude, so your mind and your emotions must be dealt with to guarantee success.

I lost 2 Stone (nearly 13 kilograms) through the process and the end result of most diets is that you lose weight and put it all back on and more, within 2 years. This is why the process I have created, and what helped me get rid of diabetes for good, is more about lifestyle and finding a fitter and happier future.

Our bodies get all the sugar they need from eating healthy food but if your diet is unhealthy your attempts to become free from diabetes will be futile, and I see this suffering everyday. So this is why I am dedicating myself to helping people get beyond the struggle and becoming a non diabetic just like me. It's my way of paying back to those who have played a part in giving me a second chance for a quality, healthy and happy life.

So what is important if you, like me, want to kick out this destructive disease?

- You simply must get off of unnatural sugar 
- Shift your relationship with food, conquering the social pressures around food, including the temptation to eat the wrong things when you are alone and socialising with family, friends and others
- Become more active, not necessarily going to the gym, but just regular daily walking. Even if you have arthritis or any other disability, you can still do seated exercise/chair yoga, a great way to stay active and more than that go dancing twice a week and enjoy your activity
- Get regular quality sleep, as missing one night's sleep is the equivalent of a month's worth of junk food, according to a leading diabetic specialist Doctor
- Stress - we take a deep dive into stress on my program, as it increases your glucose as a result of the increase in cortisol in the body and creates a knock on effect.

All of these things work together and this will seem daunting at first as it was for me, however because of my background in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and a technique called EFT Tapping, I was able to eliminate the food cravings and social pressures, build motivation to exercise and get active and make better choices around the food I was eating and create a stress busting process that made me calmer and happier in my daily life.

In my case I did this before attempting the 8 week diet, because getting down to 800 calories is achievable but not easy and if you haven’t conquered these things it’s going to be next to impossible.  Because of the difference this has made in my life I have made it a personal goal in my life to help people do what I did.

I have been given a second chance for a healthier and happier life.

I have developed a way to do all of this and as part of the process, please accept a personal gift from me that I hope will change your life or the life of a friend if they are suffering needlessly with this life devastating disease. Watch a video interview on Facebook with Professor Roy Taylor ( where you can learn more about how to easily kick out diabetes permanently from your life. 

Lastly I have proved that you can get beyond it, others have done the same and the science behind it works.

Click here to go to Facebook and watch the video (, 32 Min that could save your life.

Wishing you freedom from Diabetes.
Gary Williams
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