Frantz Joseph Frantz Joseph Fundraiser

On Tuesday April 10th, 2018 tragedy struck, when young Jayden Joseph ran out of an open door in his home and darted towards the street. His father Frantz "Mike" Joseph took off after him in an effort to stop him from getting to the road. Unfortunately Frantz was unable to stop the county truck from striking them both. Seriously injuring Frantz, and killing Jayden.  Frantz is currently stable, but sedated in the hospital. He has undergone surgery to repair portions of his abdomen and will also have surgery to repair a broken leg and hip. Frantz is expected to make a full recovery, but the healing road ahead is long and the hurt his family will experience will be life-long.  
We as his employer,  want to do what we can to help Frantz and his family with burial expenses for Jayden, hospital bills and any other expenses that cannot be paid due to income lost due to this tragedy. Every dollar donated will go directly to Frantz and his family. We appreciate any and all donations made to help this family and to honor their lost little boy.