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First post: Jun 20, 2019 Latest post: Dec 18, 2019
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Our brother & Alison's husband Frank Strazar, late as usual, finally & regretfully decided to share the unfortunate news that he’s got the C-word - Hodgkin’s lymphoma, stage 3.  Alison & Frank appreciate everyone’s concern and are well aware of our love for them. They also understand that many of us will want to reach out and offer support.  Frank is rather uncomfortable about the idea of talking with everyone about himself for a couple of reasons: first, we are a large family, & talking repeatedly can be exhausting; secondly, he doesn’t want us to worry.  He’d rather we show our support positively. 

The Caring Bridge site will keep us updated with Frank’s progress, for those of us who like to follow the news.  Photos, stories & comments will be fun & appreciated.

Frank & Alison are frankly optimistic about the positive outcome of this latest adventure.  

Frank has done quite a remarkable job of researching, assembling & organizing an excellent medical team at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which includes naturopathic support.  Unfortunately, the prescribed “non-medical” dietary needs & nutritional supplements will be costly.  Frank & Alison’s insurance does not cover the expense of these “non-prescription” items.  Obviously, Frank is not able to work at this time.  

Thanks for all of your heartfelt love & concern.  Let’s help Frank get healthy!  

Tim Strazar
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