Frank Lucido

First post: Mar 18, 2021 Latest post: Mar 21, 2021
 My name is Frank Lucido

I am a husband to an amazing woman Lauren and a proud father of three beautiful children, two boys, and a girl. We live in a small town in northern California, and I was recently diagnosed with head and neck cancer. I need your help with medical expenses and family support in the fight for my life.

On February 10th of this year, my entire world turned upside down. That day I had a routine checked in with my doctor about a bump on my neck. During my appointment, my doctor referred me to see a specialist that very day. Meeting with the Head and Neck specialist, I endured an intrusive examination and a biopsy from my throat, all leading to a terrifying diagnosis of oropharyngeal cancer. As a healthy, active 52-year-old, never having spent a night in a hospital for my health, I was suddenly facing a grave battle with cancer. 

Paralyzed from shock after hearing this news, I began obsessing about my children, who need their father and my wife's burden. I thought about the milestones in my and the many more which should lie ahead. In that instant, a change occurred in me about the beauty and sacredness of ordinary daily life. The profound and straightforward Buddhist aphorism "chop wood, carry water" found new meaning for me.