Frank Howsmon V

First post: Jan 10, 2021 Latest post: Oct 4, 2021
Franks journey began the last week in December when he noticed his glands were swollen. We thought it was maybe a virus. Then a few days later he noticed a lump on the neck which brings us to Tuesday January 5, 2021. Frank and Heather are expecting their first baby in May and Heather is experiencing a high risk pregnancy and disabled and in a wheelchair. So this was the day Heather and Frank were excited as they were going to meet with one of the Thearpy workers to show them tips on being a disabled parent. Well Frank woke up with his neck being doubled in size and having difficulty breathing. Frank wanted to keep the appointment with Thearpy for Heather and him since he already had appointments set up to be looked at on Thursday and Friday for his issues going on. Well we convinced him to go in and be checked out in emergency. That is where their life changed and came crashing down around them. Since Tuesday Frank has had 8 biopsies in his neck, CT scans of the chest, abdominal and pelvis, MRI, ENT scope down the throat, and bone marrow biopsy, and ultra sounds. With all of these tests it was determined he has Lymphoma cancer and could have multiple types that are very aggressive in his throat, leg, and stomach so far. Heather and Frank were not able to see each other until yesterday and if you know them they are pretty inseparable so hard on them both. Frank began Chemo and got a port in on Friday January 8. He had some reactions (tightness in his chest and running a low grade fever) from the first bag of Chemo so they had to let it run throughout the night at a slower rate. They are being aggressive by putting him on 4 different types of Chemo until we know all the results. Frank is a very Spiritual, faithful, kind, caring hardworking and giving man along with being an Ordained Minister. We will be keeping you all updated throughout this trial and journey on this Caring Bridge site. Please pray for Frank to receive a healing miracle, guide the doctors, and give him strength to win this fight. Frank and Heather only had a 1-3% chance to get pregnant and they got the miracle of getting pregnant. we need another miracle dear Lord hear this prayer. Please keep Heather in your prayers as well to help guide, protect and keep her and baby girl safe. Thank you everyone for all the prayers, all the prayer chains and reaching out to these two. Monday Frank will have a Pet Scan and the bone marrow results should be back next week which will let us know what stage the cancer is at. The Pet scan will show if cancer is anywhere else.