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- In November, my dad, Mike went into the hospital with stomach pain which turned out to be an inflamed colon. After being treated with antibiotics, he was sent home 3 days later. Still in pain 2 days after being sent home, he went back and found out that his colon had not gotten better. After several days with steroids, the doctors thought he was making progress and were ready to send him home after one last scan. While prepping for this scan on December 4th, he started to feel immense pain and when he got out of bed, he passed out and coded. He was rushed into emergency surgery because his colon had ruptured. After his surgery, he was on dialysis for his kidneys, had liver problems, and couldn’t breathe on his own. Because of all the strain on his body, he had a stroke and the doctors were unsure if he was going to make it. For more than 7 months, he has been in several medical facilities: ICU, a long term acute care hospital to wean him off his tracheotomy, and 2 rehab facilities (Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, NE and now QLI Rehabilitation Center in Omaha, NE).

Today, his therapists and nurses are helping him learn to feed himself, care for his basic needs, and learn to walk. Even with the progress he has made, he hasn’t reached those goals yet, and insurance is ready to send him home because his rehab is too expensive. His rehabilitation team believes that he can walk again and his earlier CAT scan showed no reason why he shouldn't.  However, he still needs more intensive therapy before being sent home to outpatient care, or they fear this may not be the case. We are asking for your help! We need about $45,000 to keep him at his current facility. This will greatly improve his chances of walking again. If you feel called to donate, no amount is too small and we would greatly appreciate it. If you are unable to contribute financially, we understand! We hope that you will share this and keep him, my mom (Marsha), myself (Mataya) and my brothers (Austin and Blake) in your prayers.