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Sean and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Fionnuala Mae Doyle on 7/7/2022 via c-section. She had a bit of trouble in the OR getting oxygen up but after a little bit she was doing great and immediately started nursing. We snuggled and loved on our new baby along with her big sisters and grandparents. Everything was perfect- or so we thought……

Her pediatrician came to the hospital to give her a quick check and heard a bit of a heart murmur. She told us she wanted to keep and eye on it and would be by on Friday to check in on Fionnuala.  Friday (7/8) late morning her pediatrician came back and the heart murmur was a bit louder and the nurses were having trouble with her O2 rates so an echocardiogram was ordered. We were told not too worry too much and her pediatrician would be in touch with results. Around 3 pm the echo was done and within an hour we got a call saying Fionnuala was being transferred to Childrens immediately and would in the Cardiac Intensive Care. Sean and I were in shock. Luckily he was able to ride in the ambulance with her while I had to sweet talk to OB into discharging me so I could go be with them. I was only 24 hours out of my C-section. Once at Children’s, Fionn was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis and would be having a balloon catheter procedure first thing Saturday (7/9) to for lack of words save her life. 

She spent a few days in the Cardic Intensive Care Unit (CICU) after the procedure before being moved to the cardiac progressive care unit (CPCU). This is the unit that you go to in order to start transitioning home etc. While there she had several more ECHOs to monitor her heart and by 7/21 it was determined that the initial balloon procedure didn’t work as well as the drs had hoped so she needed to have another one in order to help her heart.  So on Friday 7/22 she went back in for another balloon procedure to open up the aortic valve and help her heart not work as hard. This procedure was very successful and we spent a couple more days in the CICU and then moved back to the CPCU.  She was doing so well that on 7/27 we were discharged and were able to go home!!!! 

We finally got to take our girl home! It was wonderful! We had to make monthly visits to her cardiologist but we were home! 

Her first follow up cardiologist visit on 8/9 went great! Her heart was stable. Her function had decreased a little bit but nothing too concerning. We were to keep giving her the meds at home and come back in a month.