Jean Velez Fighting for Jean

On December 23th my mom (Jean Velez) was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, high grade. Her journey begins Jan 11th, where her surgeon will put a port into her chest, and a few hours later she will begin chemo. Many of you have reached out wanting to help, and what my mom will need the most is support. Support from family, her co workers, and her friends. I know my mom has touched so many lives, she has spent over 30 years as a nurse helping others, and now its her turn to get all the help she can. The goal is for each of my moms chemo sessions, she will get 1 envelope with a letter in it (from each and everyone of you) with a positive memory you have with her. I know so many of you live far away and wont be able to be right by her side through all of this, but a simple reminder of a positive moment with you will help remind her we are all here for her. If a memory is too much, maybe write her a motivational letter to help her get through this. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Letters can be mailed to Thank you all in advance!