Analyn Morton Fighting for Analyn

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you  see and hear about God's hand in all of this and also the desperate need for adequate medical assessments, thinking outside and inside the box, the medical field to listen to parents especially ones that are in the medical field,  medical professionals communicating with one another and SOOOO many more advocates and programs to help people understand how to go to school, how to apply for benefits and work with a chronic illness. Analyn's story has so many twists and turns I sure hope I remember them all! My greatest hope is in the Lord, but my second hope is that this reaches another family trying to help their child , a social worker, a school teacher, a struggling teen, the media, TN law makers, federal government, every doctor that refused to listen to me, and anyone else that will benefit from this.
 2 Corinthians 1:3- 3Praise be to the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

Story is a word that has so much meaning behind it...everyone has a story and this is ours. A long three year journey to find Analyn the medical and educational care she deserves, that everyone deserves!!!

In the fall of 2015  Analyn was on the middle school basketball team, she  had hard practices, several games and was in all level one classes.Her grades were always great and she was above average in all of her testing.  She was able to maintain her schooling while being involved with a busy sport.  She had several friends and was always wanting to go places. like normal preteens. 
In the fall of 2016 Analyn did not want to try out for the basketball team. She played softball that year but only because I made her. She would often tell me she was just too tired and nervous to do all of it.  In November of 2016 I asked that her doctor test her for mono, she had all the symptoms and her friend had it the month prior. The doctor stated that he did not feel she had mono and was not going to test her, instead he said its just a virus. At this point I asked the doctor about ADD, Analyn was having a difficult time concentrating and that was a change. He agreed and put her on Adderall. After a few months we took her because the mood drop in the evening I felt was not healthy for her. She became even more sluggish and disengaged. February 2017 Analyn came home and told me she blacked out in class that day. Her math teacher had to take her out of the class and talk her back into reality. She said she was half standing up and then all of the sudden her face and feet were burning and her eyes went black. This started a downward spiral. Her doctor felt that she was passing out because of anxiety so her put her on medication. The next few months she started passing out more, broke her ankle while walking, grades were falling, had dizzy spells, double vision and began loosing weight. I took her back to the doctor at least 15 times until September when she was hospitalized for vomiting and nothing would stop it. Yall, let me be real here with you.... this kid had not been to the doctor for a sick visit in at least 4 years. She had not been to Children's ER in EIGHT years. So she was not a sickly kid!! 6 days of vomiting, I begged for an full body MRI, for a GI consult, for different labs. Now yes I am a nurse and I thrive on learning new medical stuff and constantly assess in my head, but I was not being that pushy nurse mom. I was being that mom who's baby was sick and I had no idea how to help her. The doctors at the hospital refused what I asked for. They said it was probably anxiety and a urinary tract infection, even though there was not a high enough lab value to prove there was an infection..….. Between May and November 2017 Analyn lost 26lbs. No explanation other than her constant vomiting that we couldn't figure out. IT was said to be anxiety, behavioral, pain, viral (she had LOTS of "viruses" ) or whatever else they could just slap a medication or recommendation with. I became angry around that time as I saw Analyn wasting away, physically and mentally. She was not laughing, she was not her sarcastic self, she had such a flat affect. I demanded that the doctgro take her off the anxiety med and try another one or take her off all together. He said that it would be best to try a different one as he felt that most of her symptoms were coming from anxiety. I politely told him I disagreed. I again asked for an MRI, testing, referalls etc. I referred Analyn myself to gynecology and endorcrinology because those referalls I asked for were not being fulfilled, nor the testing. I was told again in January that an MRI was not needed, that the doctor did not have any diagnoses to go off of...….uhhhhhhhh what???!!! like for real? oh he was, I politely reminded him that vomiting for 6 months, loss of 28lbs, cognitive changes etc the list goes on and on, sounded like really good reasons to obtain some kind of imaging. NOPE, nothing, notta! I went back two days later with Analyn because she threw up again and you know MUST have a school note for every sick day, we saw the NP. I again aksed for the MRI and referrals, he left the room and came back statind the doctor said it was not needed. SOOO momma bear really came out, I said basically if someone in the office did not do something today for my child and something happens to her or we find out down the road some of this was preventable....Medical malpractice.  We got a referral to GI.