Matthew Ferber Ferber Strong

First post: Mar 29, 2019
In early January 2019 Matthew Ferber was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer, Glioblastoma (GBM). Glioblastomas are the most aggressive form of brain tumors that effect the entire nervous system. 
Our father,hero,brother,friend,and mentor,
Matt Ferber is strong and defying the odds in the 
biggest fight of his life! Because of Matt’s sincere
 faith in God we know his  cancer diagnosis will 
end with a miracle!
We greatly appreciate any support from anyone 
who wants to rally in our cause #FerberSTRONG. 
All donations will be put towards medical expenses and treatment, both current and future. 
Matthew has touched so many lives and is loved 
by so many!

On behalf of Matt we THANK YOU for all the 
love and support- The Ferbers #FerberSTRONG