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First post: Aug 16, 2022 Latest post: Aug 20, 2022
Hi everyone! This page has been created because Felicia has been placed on my & Raena’s heart (as I know she has been for y'all!) and we felt led to reach out to the people in her life to come around her and her family to support, bless, and cover them in different ways!
Initially she did not know about this, now that I have sent it out she is aware!🥰

As some of you may know Felicia has been navigating some health issues and it has taken a major toll on their family financially. With navigating the long list of medical bills on top of everyday life expenses, I wanted to see if you would join me in blessing them! Financially is the area that would help the most, but I also compiled a list of a couple other ideas that may bless them!

- If you would like to give $ to them, you can send that to them via CashApp $fgramirez7  Apple Pay 520.891.7623 (tel:520.891.7623)  or giving to them in person however you please!
- Covering specific bills, feel free to reach out to her directly!
- Groceries (gift card to Frys, Safeway, Walmart, etc.)
- Homemade/Brought over Meal(s)
- Gift card to TJMaxx, Ross, Old Navy (for clothes as Avary starts back at school!)

I know Felicia and the Hansen family appreciate all your ways of support as well as your prayers, words of hope and encouragement. Thank you!
Here is a bit of what Felicia has been navigating medically-

Dealing with lots of health issues since April. Has had MRI’s on both hips and was diagnosed with chronic bursitis which is inflammation and swelling of the joint. As some of you may know, she has had hip surgery in the past. She's had MRI’s of her lower back which they found bulging discs and last month had a first round of lumbar injections that has made a major improvement. 

However, throughout this time her right arm has been in constant pain and decreasing in strength and movement, spine specialist thought it was a pinched nerve so they scheduled a cervical MRI and a MRI of the upper back and plus neck x-rays, which resulted in finding a displaced disc in her neck however, there is no compression or impingement so it wouldn’t be causing the issue in the arm.. The spinal canal is clear.
So, Felicia finds herself where she's at now. The pain has spread from the arm to the front part of her chest and down only the right side of her back and recently now it’s down to her fingers. Her entire right side is constantly in pain and numb. The concern has been that her vision has changed a bit and she has been having more frequent headaches, so they requested a brain MRI which was Thursday. Hopefully we will have results soon. 

Most recently- Felicia is also navigating the discovery of a cyst on her ovary and what is believed to be pre-cancerous polyp on her uterus. She is now waiting for a scheduling of surgically removing of the cysts and polyp! We are declaring that they are benign and for a smooth and easy procedure!!

Right now, she continues to wait to hear for more results for the pain in her arm and for scheduling the cyst and polyp removal procedure. 
Please continue praying with us as she and her family continue walking through this!