Eve Soto Eve's Miracle

Welcome to our CaringBridge website.
Just a little background on my battle with health issues.  The liver issues are a result of being on 2 medications for chronic sinus infection in my 30's.  
I had managed to have them under control since 2008 and then last year about April/May, I began having significant changes take place.
Towards the end of June, issues began to rise that could have been fatal and I went into a coma and was at Vandy for several days.  
Thru prayers from friends and family, my team of doctors and the Lord's protection, I made it thru and was put on the liver transplant list.  
Lori (one of my daughters} is my caregiver and works fiercely to make sure I am OK.  
My health has been improving while I await a living donor or cadaver donor.  
Caring Bridge is were we will keep you inform as to my victories, progress, any needs I may have and ways you all can help.  
It is a place for us to communicate.  
Thank you all for your lovingkindness and your prayers.  
I am bless to have you walk with me in this part of my journey.