Evan Young

First post: Mar 10, 2018 Latest post: Sep 18, 2018
Hello Friends!! Well it's that time again....We will be Rochester bound on March 13. Evan has another big spinal surgery with Dr, Stans on March 14th.

Please keep checked in with us here. Care Pages no longer exsits, so we are using this site now! Oh, I am soo glad I created a keepsake book from that site and all his other surgeries!!

We anticipate being there at least a week. I will be grateful for all your messages. Its so lonely there! Evan is much more aware and anxious this time. He has been asking a million questions and watching you tube videos of back surgeries....UGH!! While his biggest fear used to be the "melly mask", it is now waking up during surgery and all the pain!! Please keep him in your prayers. He will also be home recovering for 4-6weeks after we are home.

Thank for your prayers and all your support. I will be sending  messages as it gets closer and for the time we are there.  LOVE, Gina