Erpina Erpina

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place, especially those who don't use other forms of social media.  All of us (Samuel, Erpina and our daughter Angela) have been thankful for all the support and encouragement that we have received so far. Thank you for visiting.

 On 14th July 2020, Samuel went for work interview to Turkey. He was robbed by the taxi driver and 2 other men. On his way to hotel, the taxi driver stopped in the middle of the road and suddenly there were 2 other men who got in the taxi. The taxi driver and the two men worked together, and they stabbed Samuel's right leg and his stomach with a knife, after that they left Samuel in the middle of the road. 

Samuel was rescued by Turkish man who happened to cross the road and was taken to the hospital. Samuel had his leg and stomach surgery guaranteed by one of the ER doctors because at that time my husband had lost his passport and wallet. The Doctor also helped Samuel reported the incident to the local police but to this day the police have been unable to find the taxi driver and the other robbers.

2 weeks after being operated and recovering from his right leg and stomach surgery, on 30th July 2020, Samuel got a heart attack because of complete heart block. After doing angiography, the doctor found out that he has total 7 blockages of which right coronary artery is 100% blocked. So, the heart is able to pump blood only from the left side which also has blockages. After this diagnosis, doctors have suggested for a bypass surgery. He is also diabetic, suffering from hypertension and has nerves narrowing. Hence, the case is complex and needs to be addressed urgently with care.

He underwent the bypass surgery on 3rd August 2020. The bypass surgery was successful despite the multiple other illnesses that he has. The post-surgery treatment is also complicated because of multiple reasons, we had several consultations to many specialists. The hemoglobin count in his blood was low post the surgery. He was suspected to have cancer, for which he was referred to a hematologist. While cancer has been ruled out, he is now taking medications to correct the hemoglobin levels and monitor his sugar levels given that he is diabetic and visit a Diabetologist regularly.

Now after almost 2 months in the Hospital, we faced a problem with bills we could not afford to pay.

We only came from a middle-class family and unfortunately for the past 2 years, our financial status is not stable, and we didn’t expect to overcome a tragedy like this. I have applied for the loan but now it’s still not enough to pay the hospital bills. Also, we can’t go back to our country until we pay the hospital bills. We really want to go back to our country and continue the post-surgery treatment in our country as it’s way cheaper there and the most importantly is that our daughter who is 1,5 years old has not met us for almost 2 months now. I can’t bring Angela to this country because of the Corona Virus. Now Angela is staying with my mom, we can only communicate by video calls.

I will be using the funds to treat Samuel which involves surgical cost, medicines, blood test procedure, etc.

We really hope that this fundraising could help treated My Husband, so we could go back to our country and reunited with our daughter again. Please help us in the best possible way. Thank you & God bless!