Erin Tudi Erin Tudi and Family

First post: Jul 12, 2021
If you would like to help financially please do NOT make a “tribute” on the link above. This money goes to the website- not Erin and Kyle. Please either go to “ways you can help” and click on the mealtrain link and you can email gift cards to them or You can also use Erin’s Venmo @erin-tudi-4. Also they home address is 4437 E ROMA AVE PHOENIX, AZ 85018-4346.

The task of writing “Erin’s Story” is still something that seems surreal.  If I were writing Erin’s story a month ago, it would look a little different but there are many things that are still true. Erin is a strong, vibrant, caring woman who loves her husband Kyle, son Silas, family and friends with everything she has. She shines a light that makes you want to be around her and is always up for an adventure.  As of June 24, 2021, she is now a fierce, scrappy warrior who is fighting and beating cancer.

The most common question asked over the last two weeks--how did this happen? The short answer is that nobody knows, and likely there will never be a concrete answer to that question. So here is what we do know…

In late October, Erin started coughing, but there were no other symptoms so it was not concerning to anyone. The cough lingered for several months, during which she presumably had Covid, so she started seeing doctors in February. She got a string of potential diagnoses including walking pneumonia, late onset asthma, and Valley Fever. She underwent several treatments to address these concerns, but nothing worked so she went back to the doctor.

After having blood drawn and X-rays in February with no conclusions, her symptoms began to worsen. In late April, she began experiencing shortness of breath to the point where it was very difficult to take even short walks or pick up Silas.  The doctors did a CT-scan in late May, which is when they found the 2 1/2-inch mass on her lung. The discovery of the mass set off a string of tests including two bronchoscopies with biopsies. The first came back inconclusive.  She was deemed at high risk for her lung collapsing, so her second bronchoscopy included removal of part of the mass. Three days after the second bronchoscopy, she received the news that it was cancer. About a week later, she got her formal diagnosis of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma.

Over the next six to eight months, she will undergo an aggressive chemotherapy regime. She will be in the hospital for five days at a time and then home for two weeks to recover. She is a fighter and is going to get through this, but the road may be a little long and bumpy.

The type of chemo that Erin is receiving will make her immune system extremely weak, so she will not be able to have visitors or receive flowers.  However, she would love to receive cards and letters that give her strength. We set up a Meal Train for Silas and Kyle and will be updating the calendar based on her chemo schedule. Because all of this is very new, we ask that you continue to check this page for updates on her health and ways that you might be able to help.


The outpouring of love and support that she has already received has been amazing.  We are all overwhelmed and so grateful for how everyone is rallying to help her fight. We will all get through this together and she is stronger will all of us by her side.