Erin Schorr

Erin is a 38 yr old single mom of four children and a soon to be Grandma. Over the last year Erin has been in and out of the hospital on dialysis while  battling with an infection in her foot.  Just recently Erin was hospitalized for her foot and scheduled for surgery but  On July 16th around 9am we       received a phone call that she had been found unresponsive in the hospital.  CPR was preformed for about 10-15 minutes before the heart was revived. Due to the extensive time with lack of oxygen during the cardiac arrest, doctors  have found that there is substantial brain damage  The cause of cardiac arrest is still unknown at this time.  She currently remains in the ICU on life support fighting for her life and is                           un responsive. Erin is a fighter. She  always put us kids first and has lived for us. We hope and pray that she will make it through this but if she does not we know that it is God’s plan and his calling.