Erin Amundson Erin Heart Watch 2019

First post: Sep 19, 2019 Latest post: Oct 23, 2020
They say every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is the normal, what the character knows and is familiar with. The middle is the challenge or change, the character experiencing discomfort and growth. And the end is not the end, but the new normal; what the character has learned from all of the struggles, and you get a sense as to how they might apply those lessons, even though you may never know the actual outcome. ~My story has been added to and is so very different now than it was even just a few months ago. Being diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease and subsequently being told that I’d have to undergo a major surgery to fix my funky little heart, was shocking, to say the least. I’d been blissfully unaware and feeling perfectly fine, thank you very much. Turns out that’s not how life works and things happen even when all seems to be going well (sneaky little bugger). Nonetheless, I’m still me and I’m still resilient, so I’m going to keep doing all the things I love, because why would I stop? I’m a little nervous at times, of course, but I’m excited to think that I may be able to do even more once my heart is working properly (or I will just definitively know that I hate running. TBD.) Challenges and changes are coming and my surgery will be happening soon, but until then if you see me kicking ass in an Orangetheory class, kick some ass with me. Thanks for joining in with me on this wild ride, stay tuned, my new normal is just around the corner.