Eric Taub

First post: Feb 28, 2022 Latest post: Feb 3, 2023
While in Mexico on vacation, Eric suffered some neurological symptoms which made him go to the hospital for tests. The tests uncovered a low grade brain tumor. Low-grade means it is slow-growing, which is hopeful. It is also operable, another very hopeful sign.

Eric and his wife Dana took a special Med Flight from Mexico to NYC where he was admitted to Mt Sinai hospital (his brother Peter is a doctor there). We are confident that Eric will be getting the best care possible at one of the finest hospitals in the world, another hopeful signal for recovery.

I’ve gotten some feedback that folks associate caringbridge with a more palliative care diagnosis. That is in no way the situation we are  experiencing.  I simply need a way to communicate with the many people who have been in touch to inquire about updates.