Eric Howard Eric Howard

If you ask anyone that knows Eric to tell you a bit about his character, you will find no shortage of heartfelt adoration. You will find him described as warm, kind, compassionate, talented, humble and hard working. He is all undoubtedly all of these things.  But of all his incredible traits, there is one you will hear consistently emphasized – one that seems to form the very bedrock of who he is:  Eric has a seemingly unending willingness to help others in need.

Eric has always lived life simply; he is a  person who has found his life’s value in people and in nature: in connections with the earth, in family, in friendships. To this end, Eric has dedicated his life to that which has given him purpose:  safeguarding and cultivating his family’s farm in Connecticut, raising his family, and using his myriad talents to help others whenever in need – even opening his home to care for individuals too infirm to care for themselves.  

Testimonials of Eric’s generosity abound.  If you needed Eric’s help, he showed up and helped.  A leaky pipe, some busted drywall, an old boiler on the fritz.  He didn’t haggle, he didn’t complain.  He just showed up and helped.  He found genuine happiness in being of service to his friends and family.  (And, as a cherry on top, it wasn’t often that he didn’t show up with fresh vegetables in tow!)

But now it’s our turn to give back.  Now Eric needs OUR help.  

Unbeknownst to many, Eric has been diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis has been nothing short of devastating for him and his family, of course, but Eric has taken it in stride and fought back gracefully and valiantly, just as you would expect.  And, thankfully, he’s made wonderful progress in his fight.  However, as it often does, that fight has taken its toll on him in more ways than one.  For months Eric has been essentially unable to take work and earn money because of his condition and his treatment.  Bills have piled up, and he’s now found himself both physically unable to properly tend to his farm and also in financial distress – a predicament that, if allowed to persist, could even threaten his ability to retain his ownership of the farm. 

As many of you well-know, Eric is far too humble to ask for anything himself……… so we’re doing it for him.  

A small gift, that’s all we’re asking.  A small gift from each of you.  A small gift for man who has selflessly assisted so many people on so many occasions and now needs us to return the favor.  A small gift to help him pay his bills and stay on track at the farm.  A small gift to help buoy his spirits as he continues his fight with cancer.  A small gift to say thank you and let him know that he means as much to us as we’ve clearly alwaysmeant to him.  

Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.  We’ve set our goal at $10,000 – and we intend to get there.