Erica Toral

With a headache that lasted 3 days, her best friend Olivia decided to take her to Shawnee Mission late Thursday night on 5/10. After multiple scans, they found a mass that was 1.4 cm large on the right side of her brain. The doctors there decided to transfer her to KU Med where they had the right equipment to treat it. Once she was transferred, nurses swarmed her to get her ready for surgery. They needed to act fast. The original plan was to go in through her hip and clip the aneurysm that way so it was less invasive, but once they go in there, they saw that it was larger than what showed on the scans so they had to switch the procedure to a craniotomy. The surgery took about 6 hours and the aneurysm ended up bursting DURING the procedure! But the surgery went well and it was clipped. It took her a while to come off the anesthesia, but she was following commands well. Right now, all the doctors need for her is to get some much needed rest. She's doing okay, but she's got a long road ahead of her to be 100% again. Our family is doing all we can to cover what we can now, her mom is helping keep track of bills and her sister is taking care of Carlos and Naomi but she is going to be out of work for a while and will have a nice hospital bill once she is able to leave. If you can help out in any way, $10, $20, anything, we would really appreciate it. Also, she can always use some encouragement, if you know Erica she can be stubborn, but we're hoping that she'll use that to be as strong as she's ever been to overcome this completely. 

We appreciate EVERYONE that has helped out with the kids, visits and support. 

Thanks in advance! 
-Maricela Amparan (Erica's Sister)