Erica Holstrom

Erica is mother to 3 young, beautiful children and partner to her compassionate and devoted husband, Cole. If you know Erica you know that she is adventurous and silly, fierce and strong. Erica is an amazing mother to her 3 children, a community volunteer for activities such as the Lester River Rendezvous, she is a supporter of pollinators, an avid gardener, and somehow makes time for cosplay with family and friends at the annual Renaissance Fair. 

Erica was recently and unexpectedly diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Her treatment started July 22nd and is a very intense schedule of IV and intrathecal chemo 4 days each week. This will be preparing her for a bone marrow transplant that will likely happen in December. For the transplant, Erica will have to relocate to Rochester, MN for 2-3 months to be seen daily at the Mayo. Erica is required to have a full time caregiver during this period of time, which will be her mother, Teresa. Cole will be working full time, so there remains the challenge of caregiving for the kids.