Erec Lindberg

First post: Jun 5, 2022 Latest post: Jun 6, 2022

Dear Erec's Friends and Family,

My name is Kathy, and I am a close friend of Erec's. We live near each other in Medford, Oregon and our dogs are brothers (so that makes us family). I've created this Caring Bridge page to help gather together the people who dearly love him. He has touched so many lives with his wit, wisdom and unique twist on life. He has lived over a decade with carcinoid cancer, and it has now progressed to a point where he is in the final days of his extraordinary life. He is not in any pain and his care team is phenomenal.

When the care team told him of his situation, his response was true to who he is to the core. I closely paraphrase, "You need to understand, I've lived and eeexxxxxtraordinary life. For the last 15 years, I was pulled to write a book on how to hear, trust and act on your inner voice. I feel it was my life's purpose. I've completed it and 'Your Brilliant Inner Whisper' is available on Amazon. I believe in many lifetimes, and I am excited to enter into my next lifetime bringing with me all I learned in this one. I get to take my wisdom on the inner voice as my greatest asset into this next lifetime."

Erec was admitted to the ICU almost a week ago with diabetic keto-acidosis. He struggled in the first days as they tried to balance out his blood sugar levels. During that time his lungs started filling with fluid and they discovered blood in his system. After scoping him, they found that his esophagus had a great deal of erosion and was inflamed. This has affected his ability to speak. I've been reading texts and sharing his voice messages from his phone with him daily. They also discovered that his stomach was filled with varices veins.  This is due to the numerous cancerous tumors in his liver that are obstructing the blood flow to the liver. The blood simply backs up into the system and causes these veins to bulge. In his condition, this is something that cannot be medically treated. Although the news was a bit of a shock, it made sense.

Erec moved into comfort care two days ago. This has been such a relief for him. No more tubes, beeping machines and blood draws every two hours around the clock. They are hoping to be able to transfer him into a hospice home this week so that his care will become even more personalized and quiet.

Loads of people have already inquired about his dog Razz. There was a long list of loving people who offered to step in. Erec reached out to me when his inner voice spoke loud and clear about where Razz was meant to go. He decided to let Razz live on an enormous ranch in Helena, Montana with Erec's longtime friends Susan and Allison. He feels so fortunate to be able to give Razz the adventurous opportunity to live on such a beautiful ranch filled with so much variety and love.

Erec is doing very well. He is not accepting any visitors or calls at this time. His voice is just too soft to make that work well, especially over the phone. I am deeply touched by the love he has already been showered with from texts, voicemails and more. I've shared every single one with him, and he sits quietly as he allows them to wash over him. We all know how loved he is, and he does too. His biggest wish is that his life is seen as an inspiration for everyone who knows him to go and live their highest vision of their own lives!

I will continue updates here as I have them to offer. Please feel free to comment, share stories (there are many) and post photos for all to enjoy. You are also welcome to invite anyone you feel would like to be included in this page. I did the best I could by inviting people from the contacts listed on his phone.  Erec has always had a special superpower in bringing people together, and now this is a place where we can all do that from all over the world.

Hugs to each of you!


p.s. Caring Bridge is a free service. Sometimes they might ask if you would like to make a donation. Please know, you are under no obligation to donate to the site.