Emmy D'Antonio

First post: Oct 21, 2020 Latest post: Feb 2, 2022
On Sunday morning, Emmy experienced a very bad headache with extreme dizziness and nausea and decided to head to urgent care. Although she was really just verifying that she didn't contract COVID-19 and could still go on her weekend getaway for Rachel's 40th, she ended up being tranferred to OSU's James Cancer Hospital  by the end of the day with a diagnosis of Acute Leukemia.

She was further diagnosed yesterday with Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), which is an aggressive type of acute myeloid leukemia in which there are too many immature blood-forming cells in the blood and bone marrow. This build up of promyelocytes leads to a shortage of normal white and red blood cells and platelets in the body. Because she presented with basically no immune system, she also picked up a staph infection in her blood.  This aggressive, but treatable form of leukemia has wrecked havoc on her body these past few days.  

She is expected to complete the induction phase of her treatment at the James as an inpatient for another 4 weeks, and then hopefully move into Consolidation phase for the next 6-8 month on an outpatient basis.

She has so many friends and family that want to keep updated on her progress so we've decided to create this site for those that want to follow her in her long journey to good health.