Emma Blevins

First post: Mar 25, 2022 Latest post: Apr 4, 2023
First, Thank you so much for coming to our page to learn about Emma! This is the roughest road I’ve ever been on, and I’m just beginning.  I was blessed with a baby girl on 11/29/21 and Emma fell at the park and broke her arm on 12/17/21, I thought life was rough then.  When they casted Emma’s arm, she began sleeping a lot, eating less, and complaining that everything hurt her.  I was trying to take care of a brand new baby, a 4 year old, and Emma, so I kept telling her to toughen up.  When we went to get the cast removed on 1/21/22 her arm was still hurting and she began screaming when they removed it.  The orthopedic specialist felt something wasn’t right so he went to take a second look at the X-ray.  He found her lymph nodes in her arm to be extremely swollen and asked if we had a cat.  We did have a cat, so he referred us to a pediatrician to see if she had cat scratch fever, or possibly an autoimmune disease.  I thought, how dare her dang cat give her this terrible disease, cat scratch fever!!! I was so mad at that cat,… but, when we went to the doctor on 1/25/22 Emma stepped on the scale and I realized, wow, my baby has lost 11 pounds since the ER visit a month ago when she broke her arm, and alerted the doctor.  He was very concerned and immediately drew some bloodwork.  We left our local hospital to go get something to eat and were to go back the next day to go over Emma’s bloodwork. As we were eating our fried rice and soup, the doctor called.  He explained to me that Emma had extremely elevated BLASTS in her bloodwork, which was a sign of cancer and told me to pack up enough clothes for Emma and I for a week and head to Oklahoma City to Children’s Hospital, he had already contacted the oncology team there and they were waiting on us.  We made the 3 hour drive, and I will never forget the nurses face when she told me, “Emma has Leukemia.”  That is when our War with Cancer began, January 25, 2022.  Emma is 6, she will be 7 on April 7(her golden birthday!). She is a wonderful big sister, a true leader.  She has the heart and strength of a Lion.  There are many times during each day I wish I could be Emma Strong.  Emma’s favorite color is purple but she loves rainbow, and anything sparkly.  Emma adores cats, horses, dogs, anything animal, oh and turtles too!  She is crazy about unicorns.  Emma loves to swim, sing and dance.  She really enjoys makeup, and dressing up!  Emma uses pop-it’s a lot to distract herself from all of the craziness at treatment once a week.  Emma has her ears pierced, also.  I hope this helps you know a little more about my Warrior, if you have any questions please reach out!!