Emily White Embrace the Suck

First post: Apr 11, 2022 Latest post: Aug 18, 2022
Welcome to Emily's CaringBridge site. Our kindhearted, sweet and saucy friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2022. The Friends of Emily have set up this to keep everyone in the loop.

During the brutal crucible of Navy SEAL training, instructors often tell students to embrace the suck. Emily White is an endurance swimmer and no stranger to long, cold, kick-ass plunges. Embrace the suck has been her motto for the last two decades as she navigated the exhausting and stressful world of film & TV production.   But this breast cancer thing is its special brand of "suck". And Emily needs our help to navigate these unknown waters.

Emily found the lump (aka “Betsy”) in early January. Fast forward several grueling weeks of waiting, numerous tests, biopsies, blood draws, visits with her medical team, and a lot of uncertainty, Emily finally has somewhat of a treatment plan in place. Her lumpectomy is scheduled for April 6th with chemotherapy after, and then 6 weeks of radiation to follow and years of hormone therapy. This course of treatment is contingent upon lab results from the lumpectomy. Reconstructive surgery will follow some months after recovery from surgery.

There are many ways to support Emily. For starters, you can donate directly to her GoFundMe: https://gofund.me/f16e612f

Or you can send her food through Meal Train: https://mealtrain.com/706rrn

Here we'll also manage Emily's care: meals, rides to medical appointments, cleaning of Lady Chunk's chunky litter bits, mowing the lawn, gardening, cleaning, watching B movies, etc.

Thanks for your humor, love, and support!