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Greetings from Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.  This is Emily's mother Jean with my personal IT expert Isaac (brother).
We will be her team on the scene along with Alan (Em's Dad).

Emily has been through a rough few months dealing with a myriad of symptoms (headaches, back and hip pain, and falling).  She was hospitalized the week of Feb. 20 for fluids surrounding her brain.  She returned on Feb. 27 to the ER as she was in crisis.  She has learned that the Ewing's Sarcoma has returned.  It is in her brain and spinal fluid.  Yikes!  Very daunting!  Luckily she has a team of neurologists, oncologists and radiologists here that are managing her current need for stabilization and creating a plan for treatment to come.

It appears Emily will/may have chemotherapy & radiation therapy at Mayo in Rochester.  She meets with her former oncologist, Dr. Robinson, for next Tuesday (truly an answer to prayer).  

All plans are evolving as you can well expect.  We are hoping she is stable and able to be discharged back home (here in Nashville) tomorrow.  

Emily is receiving love and prayer in many forms from you, her friends, and family near and far.  Please know that she experiences each act as intended.  She particularly likes the videos of the kiddos.  We will try to keep the updates posted here.  She wants to connect with each of you but understandably needs to reserve most of her energy for healing.  It is amazing how this woman is able to be present mind, body and spirit through all of this.  As you know in your own way, Emily is a fierce and loving spirit.   She is converting your love into healing minute by minute, and once again she will "kick Ewing's butt"!

January 18, 2011:

Emily had surgery on January 18 to remove part of a tumor from the back of her neck.  We now know that it is Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.  The surgery was successful and left her some hardware in the place of vertebrae.  She's currently recovering from the surgery.  She will begin chemo therapy next week.  Her first two sessions are Feb. 8 & 9.  We pray that she tolerates the chemo and that it is effective in irradicating the tumor.  Where is our Power Ranger outfit when we need it????The backstory to all of this for friends and family far and near.. Emily hails from the great state of MN and fell in love with Madison during college. She has recently followed her passion to Nashville and works within the state of TN prisoner re-entry program. She also has a passion for the music scene... Em has two dogs; Oliver (the world's greatest dog) and Jasper (an enthusiastic 70 lb. black lab puppy).