Emily Krob

First post: Nov 14, 2018 Latest post: Jul 25, 2019

Age: 37 
Married: February 3, 2014 to Jerry Krob in the Riviera Maya on the beach (walked down the beach barefoot to Bob Marley's One Love)
Employment: Hired by the Brooklyn Park Police Department October 2005 (served as a School Resource Officer/Detective for four years, currently assigned as a Field Training Officer, currently assigned to the patrol division)
School: Obtained Master's Degree January 2012 from Saint Mary's University in Public Safety Administration.  Obtained Bachelor's Degree December 2003 from the University of North Dakota in Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology
Children:  My children have fur (Griffin the Great Dane and ZZ Top the Mixed Breed)

Played rugby for the University of North Dakota
Lived in England and attended Lancaster University in the city of Lancaster Lancashire in 2001
My dad is from England
Completed multiple 1/2 marathons, triathlons, and a duathlon
Love to travel most recently to Alaska, Victoria British Columbia, Los Angeles/Hollywood, Banff National Park
Godmother to nephew Owen (14) and niece Norah aka Coco (9)
Participated in Unite & Fight February 2013 and March 2015 boxing to support fellow police officers, firefighters, and ems who were battling serious illnesses
Enjoy spending time at the cabin located on Mink Lake in Maple Lake (fishing, kayaking, playing Yahtzee and Cribbage)

Joined CrossFit STMA in August 2014 (best decision EVER)
Competed in the Granite Games with the Three Amigos (Nicole and Doris) in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018!  I have some of my best memories competing at the Granite Games from crushing some PR's, to dancing during WOD's, and being able to compete along side some of the most humble athletes.  A huge highlight was the Three Amigos finishing 1st in the 1st event in 2017 for all scaled women (whoop whoop to the assault bike!) and doing my first pull-ups during a WOD in 2017.
Competed in Game Day New Ulm on July 29, 2017 with Mark Hesser
Competed in Game Day Minneapolis on June 9, 2018 with the Three Amigos 

Backpain...who doesn't suffer from backpain especially after 13 years as a police officer wearing all that equipment and of course lifting.  In addition to the ongoing back pain, I started experiencing pain and numbness to my right hip.  But what did Emily do?...continued to work, continued to workout as training was in full for the upcoming Granite Games.  I dealt with the pain mostly by ignoring it and telling myself that I am just training too hard and it will go away.  The numbness, pain, and tingling spread into my abdomen and groin on my right side.  I noticed a fluid sac on my right hip.  I pushed thru and competed in the Granite Games the weekend of September 7-9th.  Once the Granite Games came to a wrap I decided it was time to get myself taken care of.  I started Physical Therapy at Crossover PT.  I ultimately had an MRI on September 22nd.  The MRI found a disc herniation (L5-S1) and a disc herniation (L4-5).  The MRI also found a solid mass on my right appearing to originate within the psoas muscle.  I was referred to Summit Orthopedics to treat the disc herniations and also recommended for a CT scan to further diagnose the mass.  I had the CT scan on October 3rd.  The CT scan could not diagnose the mass any further.  I received a facet joint steroid injection on October 11th to treat the disc herniations.  Summit Orthopedics referred me to Dr. Edward Cheng with the University of Minnesota.  I met with Dr. Cheng on October 22nd.  He immediately asked for a biopsy to be performed.  The biopsy of the mass on my psoas muscle was completed on October 24th.  On October 29th at 5:00 pm I received a phone call from Dr. Cheng.  I was told that I had cancer.  More specifically Rhabdomyosarcoma.  This was the phone call that no one should ever receive.  On October 31st I met with my oncologist Dr. Keith Skubitz with the University of Minnesota.  On November 3rd I had a PET scan.  On November 7th I will be having an IR CVC Tunnel placed inside my chest.  It is a central venous catheter used to put medicines, blood products, nutrients, or fluids into my blood.  Once the IR CVC Tunnel is placed I will begin chemotherapy.  Treatment will be one year and will also include radiation and surgery.  So my journey begins...this is my story...or well the beginning of.