Emersyn Jackson

First post: Oct 29, 2021 Latest post: Nov 3, 2021
In Fall of 2019, Emersyn was hospitalized with Pancreatitis after her lab work showed exceedingly high lipase levels.  

In 2020, Emersyn was sick off and on with stomach pain and nausea after eating  certain foods.  She had a colonoscopy and endoscopy performed and was told she had an intolerance to lactose.  She eliminated lactose and was still in pain.  They did  CT Scans and an MRI on her stomach.  The scans and MRI did not show anything.  

January 2021, I requested a HIDA scan to determine if her gallbladder was functioning properly.  The HIDA scan results confirmed her gallbladder was functioning at 13%.  Emme had  surgery on February 1, 2021 to remove her gallbladder.  Emme was happy that day going into surgery because she was ready to get relief from her painful stomach issues.

This was an outpatient surgery.  She was at Saint Francis, hospital in Wichita. They brought her back to the room and she had to drink and eat a little before leaving. Within, 20 minutes of trying to eat Emme told me something was wrong and the pain had migrated to a different area of her stomach.  She was sick and threw up.  She was hospitalized for 4 days to be told by the Doctor at the ER that she was experiencing “Phantom Pain” from the gallbladder surgery. 

Emersyn was in worse pain than before her surgery.  Every time she had something to eat, she was in excruciating pain and would get sick.   She tried different medicines and nothing worked.  Crystal, a friend from high school, messaged me on FB about the illness called Gastroparesis.  She put me in contact with Meggan. Meggan has Gastroparesis and she has been an amazing friend during this whole process.  Her own experience and understanding has helped Emme and I both during this difficult time.   After speaking to her, I requested a Gastric Emptying studying.  Emme could not finish the study.  Her pain was awful and it was determined based on the findings,  her stomach was paralyzed and not digesting her food.  

Emersyn was referred to Children’s Mercy in March 2021. She met with a Gastro specialist and he stated since she could hold down liquid her symptoms will probably subside and go away permanently within a few months.   He also stated she did not need to come back and see him. He prescribed a new medicine that made her very weak and almost pass out.  She discontinued that medicine and remained on the initial one plus about 7 others.

May 2021, the doctor at Children’s Mercy was correct her Gastroparesis went away. Emersyn was grateful to enjoy life again as a kid and finally have no stomach issues. She visited her cousins in Saint Louis and went to camp over the Summer.  She came home and started school.  Her 8th grade year was going phenomenal.  She was the manager of the football team, doing well in school, and not having to miss because of her stomach pain.  End of September it all changed.

Sept.  2021 - Present:  Emersyn’s Gastroparesis came back full force.  The symptoms are worse than after her gallbladder surgery.  She has missed so much school in the last month and has lost 23 pounds.  She can no longer eat without throwing up or dry heaving.  Her legs are in constant pain. She has low potassium and low magnesium.  This causes severe body cramps, lockjaw, and tongue spasms.  She is blacking out and lightheaded all the time.  Her teeth and braces are loose and her mouth is cut up inside because of her lockjaw.  She goes to the ER and the doctors think she is not telling the truth because her labs are not at the level to admit her.  She was sent home twice from Wesley ER with lockjaw and tongue spasms.  We finally went to Rock Regional in Derby and they determined her magnesium was low causing spasms and lockjaw.  My mom and I packed up the car and drove Emersyn to KU Research medical center in KC. She was admitted and the doctors here and very helpful.  They want to help her alleviate some of the painful symptoms and get to the bottom of what is causing her pain. Emersyn is mentally and physically exhausted.  She finally broken down and cried for hours because she wants answers.  She is tired of her stomach hurting and throwing up.  It is difficult as a mother to see her in agonizing pain. The long term effects of Gastroparesis is worrisome. I am not going to stop until Emme has more relief and a better grip on this terrible illness.

Gastroparesis is caused by stomach surgery, may be idiopathic, some infections, and diabetes.  Emersyn did not experience any symptoms of Gastroparesis until after her surgery.  She has been told hers is idiopathic but I find that hard to believe. 

All prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and love.