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October 14th
Elsa continues to do well in skilled nursing at Havenwood.   The mysterious fever turned out to be pneumonia that Elsa has fully recovered from.   Elsa is currently experimenting with a new infusion treatment.  She's a bit tired, but otherwise feels pretty good.  Reine has also moved to Havenwood into his own apartment (phone number is still the same).   You should see how the kids have decorated with what he likes to live with.    Elsa and Reine share meals daily - noontime meal at Reine's digs and supper at Elsa's.    The kids are currently cleaning out the apartment and hearing all of the family stories.   
Note - 
Elsa's new address is Havenwood Heritage Heights 33 Christian Ave.  Room 152 Concord, NH 03301
Reine's new address is Havenwood Heritage Heights 33 Christian Ave. F-6 Concord, NH 03301

At the end of August, Elsa moved to skilled nursing care at Havenwood Health Center (the second campus of Heritage Heights where she and Reine were living).  She has been here for a little over 4 weeks.  The radiation / steroid treatment went well with few side effects.   Reine comes over to share meals and spends part of each day with Elsa.   Elsa receives regular physical therapy and loves all of her visits with family and friends.  Elsa's strength had a bit of a set back when  she developed a fever.  Her medical team continues to look for the cause - trying antibiotics, blood work, and oxygen.  Her energy has slumped a bit with the fever, but she is still her cheery self.

After a questionable CT scan, Elsa needed further assessment of her lung cancer clinical trial results.  
In a brief 72 hours with hospitalization and tests, it was determined that the cancer had metastasized to both sides of her brain.
Doctors were pleased that it had not metastasized to her spine.  The course of treatment was mega steroids and ten days of radiation to her brain.  
The treatment plan is to kill cancer filaments in both hemispheres and suppress the growth of more cancer filaments. 
The prognosis is fatal.  The treatment plan is to give Elsa as much quality time with family and friends as possible.
The task for Reine and Elsa is to plan for hospice.