Elly Burton We Love You Elly

First post: Aug 15, 2018 Latest post: Oct 10, 2018
On Monday, August 13, 2018,  after spending the day doing what she loves, Elly experienced a seizure, or hemorrhagic stroke.  

As many of you whom are close to her are aware, Elly has been dealing with a brain tumor for the last couple of years. While she has been diligent in receiving MRIs and attending regularly scheduled doctor's appointments, it is believed that her tumor began to bleed. Leading up to this, her doctors were not sure as to the cause of the tumor. Through her regular MRIs, her neurologist had been keeping an eye on potential growth or any change. We are unsure when the bleeding started, but CT scans show that enough blood had made its way onto her brain, resulting in a seizure.

Elly was taken to Community Medical Center Monday evening by ambulance, and later transferred to the ICU at St. Patrick's Hospital where they have a terrific neurology department. The goal right now is to allow her time for her body to reabsorb the blood on her brain. Surgery is not an option.  She is being given anti-seizure medication to prevent any further seizures and doctors are hopeful that improvement will come once the swelling on her brain has decreased.

Right now all we ask is for your thoughts and prayers for Elly.  She is able to recognize individuals and understand when spoken to. Unfortunately she will not be accepting any visitors at this time. Due to the current swelling on her brain, she is unable to communicate. We are remaining hopeful that her speech will improve with time and healing. Her immediate family has been able to be with her through this and we will continue to update this site with updates.

Her community of friends and family is so large and she cares so deeply for each and every person in her life. If you have had the pleasure of knowing Elly, know that she loves you. She may not be able to communicate that right now, but just know that her heart is so big, and she will find a way of showing us all.