Ellie Meyer

First post: Sep 27, 2019 Latest post: Oct 29, 2019
On Friday September 20th Ellie started to get fussy at night. Sara and I figured this was due to her teething. Saturday Ellie continued to be fussy and wanted to be held all day. Saturday night Ellie started to throw up and was not keeping down any fluids. Sunday Sara and I took her to Urgent care they gave her some meds to settle her stomach and allow her to keep foods down. This seemed to work for the evening. However that night she was still very fussy. We did not get very much sleep that night. Monday Ellie had no appetite and had only 1 ounce of fluid for the better portion of the day. We decided it was time to take Ellie to the ER. Once we got to the ER they decide to run an X-ray of her chest and preform an ultrasound. After reviewing the ultra sound the doctors came into our room and told us they had found a mass on Ellie's liver. They told us they wanted to do a cat scan. Tuesday morning the results came back that Ellie had masses in her liver and smaller masses on her lungs. Were told they believed it was cancer.  They moved Ellie into surgery and and preformed a biopsy as well as installing a port for chemo. They sent the biopsy to get examined. We will hear back on the results hopefully Monday September 30th.