Ellen Strahm

First post: Aug 9, 2021 Latest post: Aug 29, 2021
Dad went to get an early Monday morning load of feed on July 26th. When he got home he told us he was super tired and went home to sleep. That afternoon he tested positive for Covid. Mom started symptoms the next day, and she tested positive on July 28. 

Dad was down about 2 days and then he started to get back into his routine doing chores and trucking.  Mom seemed to have a very typical case of Covid, sick, fever etc for around 7 days. She did have some treatments prescribed by a Dr. that both her and Dad were on. Then on Wednesday, her fever broke and we were pleased and hoped that was the end of it for her. Unfortunately Wednesday night (8/4) was a bad night.  She didn't sleep well and had stomach pains. Thursday she couldn't keep food down and her GI pains persisted.  Her oxygen levels were holding around 90 plus for the most part and she had no breathing difficulty.  She did have a cough that she has struggled with for years, that has gotten worse with Covid. By Thursday evening we were concerned about her nutritional and hydration situation, as well as her GI pain. We called the Sabetha Hospital and took her in. They did bloodwork, gave her 2 bags of fluids, and did a chest x-ray. The Dr came in and said everything looked "normal" for a day 9 Covid patient.  He gave us the option to spend the night or go home and keep an eye on oxygen levels. They urged us that we should feel free to call or come back in anytime.  We opted to go home. 

The next morning her oxygen levels were in the low 80's, We headed back in, did another chest x-ray and got on oxygen.  The Dr felt we needed to get her to Topeka asap in case things got worse. They have no vent capability in Sabetha. Around noon on Friday, she was taken to Stormont Vail in Topeka. 

She has had a lot of ups and downs the last 3 days. the most recent report was that she was on 4 L of oxygen and getting a good SPo2 reading. She had been as high as 15 L and almost ended up in ICU on Friday night.  She did get a good night of rest on Saturday night and her oxygen needs seem to have leveled out. Her biggest challenge as of last night has been breathing issues when she tries to get up or move around. All of the efforts by every Dr., nurse, aide, etc are greatly appreciated. 

This has not been an easy road so far, and we don't know what the next moments or days may hold, but we are thankful for her faith, the faith we are leaning on through this time. We trust and pray our loving Father will sustain her and all of us through this journey regardless of what lies ahead. The family greatly appreciates all the love, prayers and support at this time!