Elizabeth Sorby

First post: Jul 27, 2021 Latest post: Apr 18, 2022
Hi, I’m Sarah. I am setting up this CaringBridge site for my sister Elizabeth Sorby.  She has a meningioma that she has known about for five years that has gotten to the point where it needs to be taken out.  She calls the tumor Stanley and he has been living rent-free for far too long and it is time to evict him.  He is making a mess and he is trying to pull the plumbing. Frankly, he is a bastard.

The meningioma is in the parietal lobe of her brain on the right side.  She is scheduled for surgery on August 11, 2021, but is in the process of getting a second opinion on treatment options.  The current treatment plan is surgery to evict Stanley and them zap any part of him that is left with radiation a few weeks later.  

Update by Elizabeth: After a second opinion at The Mayo Clinic, my August surgery date was canceled and I began the process of finding a new and local specialist to work with. It was clear after meeting with the Mayo Clinic specialist that my previous surgeon wasn't the best choice for handling this type of surgery. After some time, I met with Dr. Ferreira at UWMC, who is a specialist in meningiomas and was simply lovely to talk to. He is a close colleague of the doctor I met with at The Mayo Clinic, so I feel like I'll have the best of both worlds; a true specialist who is also close by. Dr. Ferreira is extremely hopeful that he'll be able to completely excise the tumor, including within the blood vessels, which decreases the likelihood of my needing radiation. That's a good thing.  I'm looking forward to getting Stanley completely evicted and then recovering from his unfortunate stay in my brain. 

We will use this site to keep people informed about the surgery and recovery process. It will also be linked to a meal train so her tribe can help feed Elizabeth and her caregivers.  More information will come when we have a pinned-down timeline.