Elizabeth Dunlop

Elizabeth has been having some mini Indigestion/swallowing episodes over the past year and half and on March 1 just found out that she has a low grade brain tumor that will be taken out.  It is about the size of a lemon (large), seemingly slow growing (good), and operable (close to cranium).   It is located in the frontal lobe and a little in the temporal lobe hence why she was occasionally having little episodes. 
On Monday and Tuesday, March 12 & 13 we went to some pre op appointments at Duke University, where they have about the best neuro surgery unit in the world.  We were obviously freaked out with lots of questions, concerns and “what if’s” but doing ok.  Elizabeth feels fine, no ongoing symptoms and has been put on an anti seizure medicine.  
At this moment, there is not much that can be done on your parts other than prayer and sending love our way. 
Obviously Natalie and Wilson’s wedding is a big concern as well as Elizabeth’s recovery but that’s a little too far out to worry about...one day or week at a time.  
We had a good visit with the surgeon, Allan Friedman,  on 3/13 and are scheduled for surgery Wednesday morning 3/21 at Duke University Medical Center.  He was encouraging, personable and we have heard nothing but high praise for his skills and experience. 
We will go up Monday afternoon 3/19 because she will be admitted Tuesday morning  for tests. 
There were no new surprises and surgery is about what we expected:  a few hours long, fairly routine as much as you can say that about brain surgery. 
We will be in The hospital for about 2-3 days and at least 1 in ICU. We will need to stay in Durham for a week for sure. Recovery is anybody’s guess but she isn’t supposed to be left by herself for 6 weeks!
Nat, Grant, their partners, and 1 or 2 other of our friends will be in Durham to help out so we are in great company.
Eliz is tired and trying to conserve energy however we continue to tell more people and go through that draining exercise. Mostly, Natalie, Grant and I’ve been doing that and shielding Eliz. Love is all around and she is encouraged and well supported by all her strong friendships.  
We continue to gain strength and support from the love and prayer we are surrounded by. 
Love to you all!