Elizabeth Beers

First post: Nov 2, 2021 Latest post: Nov 17, 2021
Thank you for your concern regarding Miss Elizabeth.  I plan to use this platform to provide updates as info is available.  Proactive communication from the hospital has admittedly not been great.  I will respond to email as time allows but am unable to respond to texts.

Mama had a checkup in September and her labs showed low hemoglobin.  She had a follow up on 10/25 and it had dropped a bit more and her iron level was low as well.  The doctor referred us to Gastroenterology for further review to determine if she needed to be scoped for blood leakage.  I had that scheduled for 11/15.   The afternoon of 10/28 Insignia sent her to the ER as she was very confused with high blood pressure.  She was admitted to Piedmont Newnan on that evening with details in the journal posts.