Elise Yama Wendschlag

First post: Oct 23, 2021 Latest post: May 12, 2022
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Thank you to all for your continued dedicated prayer, love and support for Elise, Erik and Chiyo!

We will be posting periodic updates here on this page to keep you up to date on how you can be praying for and loving the Wendschlag’s.

This past summer Elise was treated for a painful mouth ulcer that was thought to be a common pregnancy symptom.

After persistence and pain a biopsy was done, to everyone’s shock— it was determined that it was squamous cell carcinoma (oral cancer).

At 37 weeks pregnant, Elise endured a challenging induced labor, eventually giving birth to beautiful Chiyo Rey via C-section on September 24th (Eriks birthday) . After a few days in the NICU they were able to return home as a family.

A short week later Elise was admitted to Stanford hospital for a partial glossectomy (partial removal of the tongue), as well as a neck dissection of 30 lymph-nodes.

This surgery determined Elise’s diagnosis of stage 3 oral cancer. Her case is being reviewed by a medical panel (10/21) that will determine her course of radiation, chemotherapy, and possible surgeries.

Elise is recovering well from her c-section, and head and neck surgery. She is beginning therapy to recover her speech as much as possible before her radiation and possible chemotherapy begin in late November.

Erik works round the clock to attentively and tirelessly care for Chiyo and Elise.

Elise is on maternity leave through the end of the year, and Erik has also taken a leave from his work to support Chiyo and Elise. Chiyo Rey is bringing much needed light and joy to these dark times!

Please feel free to reach out to Elise’s sisters, Kimi, Jana, or Marya if you have further questions or need any information regarding Elise and Erik (their address, etc.)

Again, thank you for your persistent prayers and support.