Elise Bouchner Journey to Recovery

First post: Jan 3, 2021 Latest post: 19 hours ago
This CaringBridge site has been set up to keep Elise’s friends and family up to date on her recent diagnosis and her 2021 journey to health. 

Elise was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be kicking off the new year with brain surgery to remove that tumor. Yes, you read that right! On Thursday, January 7th, Elise will have surgery to remove an Extra Axial Meningioma.  

First, what we are grateful for: Based on what her medical team observed in her MRI, this tumor is Extra Axial (located external to the brain tissue in the space between the brain and skull) and is a Meningioma (benign, slow growing tumor). Although the tumor is “large” it is likely a Stage 1, and her doctor expects that the tumor can be completely removed with surgery, with no radiation needed.  

In the past couple of weeks, Elise began experiencing migraines, vision problems, and a few other unexplained symptoms which concerned her and David.
On Wednesday, December 30th an MRI showed the tumor and the following day she met with a doctor at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans who confirmed the diagnosis and promptly scheduled her for surgery.  

Elise’s surgery (4-6 hours) is scheduled for Thursday, January 7th at Oschner in New Orleans. Her post-surgery recovery will likely be 2 days in ICU and up to a week in the hospital. Her total recovery period (back to feeling 100%) is expected to be 4-6 months. 

We ask that you keep Elise, David, Matthew, Sydney and Elise’s medical team in your prayers.

Elise really wants to stay connected to loved ones throughout this time, so we invite you to use this site to send your love and messages of support and encouragement to Elise.