Elijah Scholes

First post: Oct 25, 2010 Latest post: Feb 7, 2011
Rich and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of the concern that has been shown to Eli.  As so many of you want updates on his condition, we felt this blog might be the best way to keep all informed.  We are so grateful for your prayers and fasting.

Eli had a second degree burn on his foot.  The burn created a site which reacted in a very rare manner and developed into sepsis, (a blood infection) and resulted in toxic shock.  The toxic shock quickly shut down his system.  We feel very blessed that he is still alive. 

We had a fire in our backyard Sunday evening.  Monday morning about 9AM, Eli opened the front door and went to the backyard firepit and stepped on the ashes.  This resulted in a 2nd degree burn on the bottom of his foot.  The blister popped and it is believed that at this time either staff or strep entered his system and rapidly began to grow.  Eli stayed in the hospital until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, Eli had a good day.  He was running around and acted very normal.  His foot was wrapped and a little sore but not enough to slow him down too much.  He ate well and went to bed Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning about 3AM, Eli woke with a fever, throwing up, and diarrhea.  We initially thought he must have caught something from his roommate Monday evening in the hospital.  This lasted throughout the day as flu-like symptoms.  The exception to this was that Wednesday afternoon, Rachel noted a little blue lip.  Rachel read about this and since the fingers were pink and responded when pressed, she didn't worry.  His temperature had dropped to 99 and he seemed tired and rested rather quietly most of the afternoon.  About 6:15-6:20PM, Rachel gave him a bath and he began to become very lethargic, limp and his breath became shallow rapidly.  911 was called.  About 6:30 Rich arrived home from work, Eli's breath was very shallow.  Rich gave him a quick blessing and within a minute or two from the time Rich arrived, the ambulance arrived as Eli quit breathing.

They bagged him in the ambulance to provide breathing and provided chest compressions.  They were able to put a tube in his throat in the ER and get him breathing and provide support to stabilize his blood pressure.  Shortly after, they moved him to Pediatric ICU at Tucson Medical Center. 

Rachel had ridden in the ambulance with the medics (front seat, wouldn't allow in the back).  And I called some friends to come to the house and then I left to go to the hospital.  All of the children had seen Eli the last 10 minutes before he quit  breathing on his own.  We were an emotional mess.  Later that evening, the older four children came to the hospital to see him again with good color and many tubes in him vs blue and limp.

Once he was somewhat stabilized, we then began addressing many other issues.  Luckily, he was breathing and his heart was beating.

In the first 24 hours they cooled his body to 90 deg F, and with the medications they gave him for his blood pressure (epi), his hands and feet didn't get a lot of circulation.  This has in fact caused additional damage to what was a minor second degree burn.

Thursday morning things began to stabalize somewhat.  We didn't sleep much but as we went throughout the day, they were able to back off of the drugs for blood pressure (epi) and as this happened, more circulation went to the extremeties and it is believed a new wave of toxins were sent through the blood stream. 

The urine flow began to decrease and his CO2 went from 40 (good) to 50, 60, 70, each hour and blood pressure became unstable and his O2 levels were dropping.  This was now about 7PM Thu and we thought everything was going well.  So when the doctor notified us of the new trend, we again became very scared.  Urine didn't improve, and CO2 was increasing greatly and we were now working the lungs hard.  The next discussion pointed to a transfer to UMC (University Medical Center) where there were options for a heart lung machine and/or dialysis.

Friday morning about 1AM transported to UMC.  They changed a drug for blood pressure (epi to nor-epi) and amazingly, his blood pressure improved and began stabilizing.  This change also began providing help to the kidneys and improved his urine output.  He had some good hours and most of Friday was a stabilizing day.  We actually got some sleep Friday night.

Saturday blood pressure and oxygen were stable.  However, he wasn't urinating as much as needed.  He put on more water weight and began looking puffy.

Sunday was much the same as Saturday.  We want to begin dialysis.  He is pretty weak and it is not as easy as it seems it should be.  The lines keep clotting.  We have a lot of help from many doctors and nurses.  Eli is getting a lot of attention.