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First post: Jan 12, 2021 Latest post: Feb 22, 2021
On 12/28/2020, I went to my doctor for a regular checkup at 26weeks 2 days pregnant with Eddie. I had been having some swelling issues for a few weeks and my blood pressure checks were up and down. On this particular visit, my BP was much too high and I was admitted to Northwest Hospital for monitoring. Things quickly got worse and I was placed on an IV to push blood pressure medications and Magnesium to prevent me from having a seizure or going into a coma. The doctors were ultimately able to get me stabilized enough to transfer me to UW Medical Center in Montlake where they are equipped to deliver babies before 34 weeks.  Within a few days at UWMC and lots of tests, they were able to determine that I have pre-eclampsia, my placenta is not providing Eddie with the support he needs to grow, and it is causing vascular problems for me, including dangerously high blood pressure.  I was advised that the pre-eclampsia will continue to get worse and at some point they will need to deliver Eddie in order to save both him and myself.  We have now been in the hospital for a week, with some ups and downs, but a great team and constant monitoring for any distress.  With the advice of our doctors, we have set a short term goal to get Eddie to 28 weeks, and a long term goal to get him to 30 weeks. Every day counts and gives him a better chance at a happy healthy life. As of Monday 12/29/2020, at 26weeks 3days, Eddie was estimated to weigh just a pound and a half.  As of 1/3/2021, he has made it to 27weeks 1 day.  Eddie has about a 90% chance of survival at this point, but faces lots of challenges and possible problems along the way. He will likely be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) until at least his original due date (4/3/2021), but we can only take this one day at a time and get through one challenge at a time. We will be posting entries to this site as things progress so that family and friends can come to one place to get updates and can share their support, prayers and words of hope and encouragement.