Edward Ford

First post: Jun 15, 2018 Latest post: Jul 10, 2018
Well Ed was very healthy until about a month ago.  He started with pain in his chest and ribs.  We were in the process of selling our house and moving.  We were making changes and Ed thought that the pain in his ribs and back was from a pulled muscle.   Then he wasn't able to eat.  Having problems getting it down.  I wanted him to go to the doctor.  Ed kept saying that we had to finish the house first.  After about a 2 week period I called the doctor and they did very quick  extensive  Testing and found that Ed had stage 4 cancer.  It started in his  Esophagus, spread to his stomach, liver, lung and his  pancreas .  This has been his silent  disease .  
I pray that they can find a cure to help him, and keep him pain free.  They have him on  morphine  for the pain and today they are putting a stent in and also a port.  Praying and asking God to help my poor sweet man.  
I asked the doctor if Chemo would help and  he said it would prolong his life 3 to 6 months.  
Ed needs many prayers.
I'll keep all of you updated.  It is getting very hard to keep you all  informed with the many phone calls and separate texts.  That is why I decided to use Caringbridge.  I will update this later on today, and everyday.  He is supposed to come home tomorrow.  
4:50, Ed did okay with the stent and port.  It was done in 2 different  procedures .  
I told the  anesthesiologist  That he gets  nauseous and he didn’t give him anything for it and he came out spitting up.  Then the second time they had to give him more   Anesthia to put him out because the doctor said they were afraid he would  aspirate  from too much throwing up.
He seems to be resting but will not feed him or give any liquids until tomorrow.  Hopefully he will come home tomorrow.