Ed Vennum Ed Fierce Lover of Life

First post: Apr 27, 2022 Latest post: May 27, 2022
Dad is a jokester, never met a stranger, the strongest person I have known and a fierce lover of life. He spent most of his life dedicated to serving in the military and his family has always been his priority.  Dad served in Vietnam and in the military for over 30 years.  

Just creating this on the fly, I will go back and add more later, really just want to post updates for those interested. I will post an update once a week. If there aren't any changes or updates,  I won't post. It can be exhausting responding to many phone calls, emails and questions while trying to deal with treatment and whatnot, so hope you all will follow (on the upper corner of family pic).  Mom's focus is working very hard to care for dad. Above all, we appreciate your prayers and support!