Ed MacDougall

Dear Reader, 

On August 31st a doctor told me that "you have colon cancer" .  It was a lot to take in, that 1st diagnosis wasn't confirmed (it could have been Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disease that I have that causes beign tumours to grow).  Then on September 12th I was told the tumour was cancerous.  Since then I had some struggles with getting seen by the right doctors and with the whole idea of having cancer.  I'm actually writing this in the ER at Sunnybrook hospital while I am waiting to be admitted.  

This site has a few purposes 1) Give me a place to put my thoughts and work though what I'm thinking/feeling 2) Gives friends/family a place to check on my progress and get updates (I'll be trying to put up timely updates as I get news) 3) The site is public, so if anyone knows a person that has cancer and is going through a similar ordeal maybe reading about some one else's journey might be helpful to them. 

I have a few posts to get things started, and bring you Dear Reader, up to speed on what's been happening over the past few months to bring me here today.  Also, I've realized that I like to go on tangents when I write so once I've realized that I've started that I've italicized that text if you want to skip it and focus on the main thread in the story. 

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps in some way