Eddie Becker

First post: May 19, 2022 Latest post: Oct 30, 2023

On May 5th Ed's posterior ventricle arteries in his neck became completely blocked, cutting off oxygen and blood flow to the right back part of his brain, called an ischemic stroke, which sustained significant damage. 

 After returning home from one of his beloved bike rides at about 330pm we believe he started experiencing symptoms of a stroke and got in his car to either go look for his dog in confusion (Winnie Cooper was at the vet getting her teeth cleaned and not home when he returned) or get help. He smashed the drivers side mirror on the Toyota getting out of the garage and rolled into his neighbors front yard across the street, then proceeded to drive down his block when he had the stroke, and rolled to a stop in the middle of the street. His neighbors saw him and called 911, and was transported via ambulance to Billings Clinic ER where he received emergency surgery to remove the blockages and had two stints put in to prevent another stroke. 

He has right middle cerebral artery (RMCA) syndrome from the stroke and has lost vision in the left field of both eyes and is very wobbly.  Due to being left handed (this function lies in the right side of his brain where speech and processing is) he lost his ability to speak and has what is called global aphasia, however, he is gaining the ability to express some emotion through facial expressions.  He also has left side paralysis, however, his legs are so strong (from all that bike riding!)  that helped his left leg return some function (he started to wiggle his foot in the ICU!).