Sergio Chavez EclatSEO

Hello, my name is Sergio Chavez. I am not here because of a personal illness but rather as someone who has worked with different organizations devoted to helping people with disabilities and illnesses. My story is simple. I started freelancing in marketing and web design in 2015. In the beginning of 2016 I had worked with many individuals and companies withing many different industries. My experiences lead me to realize how much more rewarding it was to work with someone who was creating a positive impact on the world. I have worked with companies from tech start-ups to alcoholic beverage companies. Non of those projects were as rewarding as providing discounted services for non-profits that offer aid and support for people in need. So I'm here to share information with individuals who want to try and share their story with a wider audience and to offer free consultations and discounted services to non-profits.  Reach out to me or my team through our website EclatSEO (